Aroma Academy Gin Aroma Game

Aroma Academy Gin Aroma Game
Aroma Academy Gin Aroma GameAroma Academy Gin Aroma GameAroma Academy Gin Aroma Game
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Test your Nosing Ability with the fun and educational Aroma Games!

Can you identify the key Aromas found in Gin?

The Game boxes include 3 Game elements;

Game 1 : Blind Nosing

Attempt to identify 9 selected Aromas which are key elements of the Aroma/Flavour profiles by “Blind Nosing.”

Game 2 : Aroma Matching

Nose the 9 selected Aromas and match them with the 9 Aroma Reference Cards on the Aroma Game Board.

Game 3 : Aroma Profiling

Identify selected flavour profiles from a combination of key Aromas in the Game.

The Game also provides access to a Bonus Download, allowing you to test your knowledge by matching a wider selection of Drink types against Aroma/Flavour Profiles.

The Games can be played solo, in a group or in teams.

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