Gin Mare: A firm favourite

A glass of gin

How many times have you been asked “What’s your favourite gin?”

On my part, countless times, and the answer changes not necessarily every time, but definitely on where I am, my mood, the temperature outside, the temperature inside… you get my drift!

At the moment Gin Mare is a go-to. It’s the way to get a taste of the balmy Mediterranean from the stormy shores of Scotland. The go to bottle is still the original, with Arbequina Olives, Rosemary, Basil and Thyme along with Juniper which give a memory of an evening beside the beach.

The main aromas are woody and aromatic which is why I’m transported to a warm Mediterranean evening. It’s that time at sundown when the intense sun has disappeared into the sea and the cicadas start their singing. Maybe I have spent too long in lockdown, but personally, I look forward to seeing old friends and new across the international divide.

Bottle of Gin Mare

How do you serve Gin Mare? You see it with citrus garnish but personally, I like to stack the glass with ice and compliment it with a couple of olives and a dash of Fever Tree Mediterranean. Stacking it with ice keeps the temperature down and stops the ice from defrosting and diluting the drink. Alternatively, it makes a great Martini. However you wish to drink it, it always delivers. Enjoy.


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