The Gin Ambassador goes Live in Hong Kong

It may have taken some time, with The Gin Ambassador being accredited during lockdown, but we are delighted that AWSEC have scheduled their first Gin Ambassador course on 25 April.

As the course is designed to be delivered Face to Face to ensure the delegates can interact fully with their tutor and have an experiential learning opportunity, lockdown has prevented it rolling out in the way we had anticipated pre Covid-19.

During the course, not only do you get to smell, nose and taste different gins and cocktails, you also get the opportunity to create your own gin. We have made it possible to deliver our Whisky Ambassador course through a Cloud Classroom, however sending all these to a participant of The Gin Ambassador before the course, is virtually impossible (excuse the pun 😊)

There is a glimmer of hope in the UK with lockdown measures slowly being lifted, some other countries are also planning their route out of lockdown, and hope of a return to “normal” grows.

Stay safe everyone!


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