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MWM Wine School by Debra Meiburg MW

9th Floor, Aberdeen Industrial Building, 236 Aberdeen Main Road, Hong Kong
Email: school@mwminternational.com
Website: mwminternational.com
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WSET Level 1-3 Awards in Wines
WSET Level 1 & 3 Awards in Sake
Italian Wine Ambassador
Italian Wine Scholar

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Eddie Nara

Eddie Nara is a passionate and professional expert. His teaching is lively and interactive, definitely helped me better understanding the world of Whisky - by Pearl Wong, graduate of WA in 2020.


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Gin and the British Navy (Part 3)

Sep 1: The development of Navy Strength gin is perhaps the most notable legacy of the Navy's association with the spirit. This high-proof gin, characterised by its robust flavour and potency, remains a popular choice among gin enthusiasts. It represents a distinct style within the gin category, appreciated for its intensity and its historical connection to the naval tradition of 'proofing.'

Gin and the British Navy (Part 2)

Aug 25: As gin's popularity within the British Navy grew, so too did its influence on naval traditions and practices. One of the most significant of these was the daily 'rum ration' or 'tot,' a practice that had its roots in the 17th century. Originally, the ration consisted of beer, but due to the difficulties in storing beer for long voyages, it was replaced with spirits, primarily rum, but gin was also included, especially on ships patrolling colder climates.

Gin and the British Navy

Aug 18: The relationship between gin and the British Navy is a fascinating chapter in the spirit's history, intertwining maritime tradition, global exploration, and medicinal practice. This connection was established during the late 17th century and continued well into the 20th century, leaving an indelible mark on the culture and customs of the British Navy.

Gin Mare: A firm favourite

Feb 18: How many times have you been asked “What’s your favourite gin?” On my part, countless times, and the answer changes not necessarily every time, but definitely on where I am, my mood, the temperature outside, the temperature inside… you get my drift!