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Ajay Bhardwaj

Ajay Bhardwaj is the Whisky Consultant. Canada's first certified Whisky Ambassador and Canada's first certified Scotch Professional. Ajay is also the Director of North American Operations for the Whisky Ambassador Ltd.

A leading whisky expert, consultant and approved provider of the Whisky Ambassador certification and Gin Ambassador program (UK) across Canada. Leads a successful whisky consulting firm and mentors a network of whisky entrepreneurs to deliver inclusive educational tasting experiences for private clients and philanthropic causes. He also a frequent moderator for virtual whisky events with industry experts for Canada's premiere tasting event, The Spirit of Toronto. "Educate ~ Appreciate ~ Celebrate"

"The one day certificate was very well organized and conducted with thorough professionalism and knowledge. Right from the beginning, after registering, course material was sent soon after for me to be able to prep before the actual day. The venue was fantastic. The scotch tastings were well thought of and the ability to have a robust discussion was present through out. I would highly recommend this program to whisky connoisseurs and industry professionals alike! Most importantly Mr. Ajay
Bhardwaj was a wonderful host and one can see that he is a true to the spirit, Whisky! My experience with the course was fantastic!!"

"The Whisky Consultant, Ajay, truly delivers a value-for-money experience through the Whisky Ambassador training. His passion for everything related to whisky - marketing and sales, distribution and production, tasting and appreciating nuanced differences between and within brands - comes through in a very engaging course. I'm looking forward to taking the next course he offers!"


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